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Home Burial is based on the poem by Robert Frost. The project was co-directed by Matt Litwiller and Jeff Newburg and produced by Will Trowbridge and Jacqueline Reyno. It was shot in summer of 2013 and finished the following fall.

- summary -

Home Burial is an adaptation of the narrative poem by Robert Frost. It centers around a confrontation between a husband and wife in their home, on which property their child's burial mound still sits. At the top of the stairs is a window from which the wife often stares, fixated on the child's grave. It is this view that sparks their argument and uncovers the deep-rooted bitterness they have harbored for one another. Juxtaposed against their argument are glimpses of their past joys, far from the present. Frost’s poem leaves things unresolved but does offer these characters a chance at grace. In their past, in their surroundings, there is beauty, even if they cannot see it.

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